The Science of High-Performing Leaders and Teams

Have you ever heard someone say “I don’t like to be micro-managed?”  I bet you have.  Alternatively, have you ever heard someone say “I don’t like to be micro-coached?”  I’d bet not.  There’s a big difference between being a manager and a coach.  When you understand the science of high performance and how to help people choose to perform at a world-class level, it changes every interaction…every conversation.  It comes down to having a shared vision, understanding how humans are wired to behave and more importantly, how to influence those behaviors in any situation for mutual benefit.  In this keynote, Dan reveals the latest research in decision-making, high performance and a step by step approach to becoming a world-class coach!

What if you could read your customer’s mind? More importantly, what if you could help them think the exact thoughts that lead to change? In this program, Dan takes audiences through an experiential journey around the latest research in human decision making. Once we understand how our customers process information in order to make decisions, we can begin to craft and deliver messaging that is more impactful vs. antagonistic. In this program, you will learn how to overcome barriers to change (for both you and your customer), the biology, psychology, and physiology of decision making, and walk away with a communication model that will allow you to build trust faster and drive urgency to change in your customers!

The Science of Customer Decision-Making

And How to Influence It


The Science of Trust

How Great Leaders Communicate and Connect

People buy from people and brands they trust.  People follow leaders and coaches they trust. In general, trust is just about the most important feeling one human being can have towards another.  The big question is, how do you ensure it’s not just a fleeting glimpse of how others see you, but an actual sustainable feeling that drives each and every relationship in your life?  In this keynote, Dan reveals the science behind trust.  This program will give people the knowledge and practical tools to be a more effective and authentic communicator that drives trust faster, whether it’s with customers, employees, or personal relationships.

NS-What if I told you that you’ve likely been trained to sell entirely the wrong way?  Recent advances in neuroscience research have afforded us unprecedented access into the human mind.  From how it processes information to how it builds trust. From how it resists change to how it loves the status quo.  Turns out, most people communicate with their customers using the wrong information, in the wrong way, at the wrong time, and in the wrong order.  In this program, Dan takes the complex topics of biology, psychology, and physiology and simplifies them into an experiential learning program that leaves participants inspired and motivated to change the way they communicate forever.


Tapping into the Secrets of the Buying Brain

Journey Based-Coaching

Activation of High-Quality Relationships

Volatility, uncertainty, change, and ambiguity are all around us. Traditional coaching frameworks may need to catch up in achieving sustained change and performance. The fuel behind NeuroCoaching™ is Journey Based Coaching Conversations™, where leaders can embrace dynamic strategies to unlock untapped potential. At the heart of this approach lies the power of shared vision. By aligning organizational, leader/coach, and individual visions, your leaders will create a foundation game-changing purpose that inspires and motivates teams to journey together towards excellence. A shared vision is a guiding star, illuminating the path amidst challenges and fostering a deep sense of belonging and commitment. Once the foundation is set, situational coaching fluency becomes the compass, allowing leaders to adapt their coaching style to various contexts and individuals’ unique needs. This adaptive approach enhances agility, resilience, trust, and team performance in a fluid and ever-changing environment.

Are you ready to unlock the true potential that lies within you? Let’s delve into Emotional Intelligence (EI) and unveil the key to activating your competencies for a fulfilling life and thriving career. Emotional Intelligence is the superpower that empowers individuals to navigate through life’s challenges with grace and poise. It goes beyond traditional intelligence and highlights the significance of understanding, managing, and harnessing emotions – yours and others. We will explore the essential competencies that lie at the core of EI and how you can develop strategies for personal and professional growth. As an example, we will unpack the art of emotional self-control, and how we can reign in and direct our emotions constructively. Explore powerful techniques to manage stress, control impulses, and maintain a positive mindset even during challenging times. Activating this competency will empower you to face any situation with confidence, resilience, and clarity.

Emotional Intelligence

Activating the 12 Core Competencies

Coaching Climate

And Drivers of High-Functioning Culture

In our rapidly evolving world, cultivating a coaching climate has become essential to nurturing success and growth within any personal or professional relationship. We will unleash the power behind key elements of a positive coaching culture including emotional intelligence, questioning/listening, leadership styles, and psychological safety. Emotional intelligence forms the bedrock of this climate, empowering individuals to understand and regulate their emotions, fostering empathy and better communication. Combined with psychological safety, team members feel secure in sharing ideas, taking risks, and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration. Effective coaching hinges on the art of questioning and active listening, igniting curiosity and driving personal and collective development. Leadership styles that embrace adaptability, empathy, and empowerment will enhance individuals’ ability to thrive and unlock their full potential. When we embark on a journey to explore these interconnected elements, we as leader coaches generate a transformative coaching climate, unlocking unparalleled achievements and building resilient, cohesive teams. Together, let us uncover the boundless potential that awaits in cultivating a coaching-centric approach to leadership.

As human beings, we are hardwired to avoid risk.  We love our safety boxes. Unfortunately, you can’t grow if you don’t leave the comfy confines of status quo.  In this program, Jeff takes audiences through an experiential journey of the science of change resistance including how we resist change and why we resist change.  He then teaches you how to overcome those barriers to drive growth in your own personal life and the lives you’ve been entrusted to lead. As you might imagine, participants will leave this program “changed”.

Leading Change

In a World Wired for Status Quo